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Half Bridge Driver IR2153


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Hi. I am going to try this circuit in the link. But With this circuit what I didn't understand is ground symbols. Where are they connected exactly(not the ETH I know it is for earthing). For the second circuit +V and -V connections are clear but 1/2V is connected to ground through the middle of rectifier capacitors. Should I connect it to somewhere or is it just for reference.

And for the first circuit CN1 and CN2 are connected together respectively and -V is connected to ground symbol. And again is it a reference for us to connect it with ground of 15V dc?

I am new to this forum. I searched and I didn't see any topic regarding this. Thank you for reading.


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36 minutes ago, admin said:

Hi Jackson and welcome to our community.

The 1/2V is actually the reference GND where the +V and -V are referred. This means that +V and -V are connected to your load with GND as 0V.

The same applies for CN2 and CN1

Thank you for the answer. So I can connect -V pin of CN1 directly to, for example, negative side of C5. And discard second circuit's ground symbol. Is that correct.

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I am confused by the circuit. If -v is grounded at connector CN1 then it is grounded at connector CN2 also. If so then capacitors C18,C19, C20, and  C21 are grounded on both ends?  Thus there would be  no 1/2 voltage and +v would be at full voltage off the bridge rectifier?

I must be reading the schematic wrong.


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If you see the schematic of both Power Supply + IR2153 together, ground looks shorting but both PCBs are separate so actually ground is not shorting, both PCBs are connected through only 3 wires, check the picture, if you see schematic of both it looks confusion, if you build the circuit and connect as per picture it will work perfectly,


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The good news with the IR2153 is that it has a 50% duty cycle. The bad news is that you can not change it like in the 555 timer.

You can change the frequency which would change the impedance at the coil/transformer which may give you some control of the output with the potentiometer PR1. Perhaps a larger potentiometer?


Others may find the two schematics here easier to follow - without all the bells and whistles of this one.

https://www.homemade-circuits.com/half-bridge-mosfet-driver-ic-irs21531d/#:~:text=Application Note%3A The main application of this IC,for driving mains CFL lamps from 12V supplies.

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