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Sorry haven't had that site up in a long time, the sites come and go lol. But I still have the perpetual pendulum running going on 2 decades now, and a rotating display motor also powered by water running the same time, among some other things. Its no secret how it works, pure magnesium is the negative electrode and copper the positive. When in water with the copper coil around the magnesium rod very close but not touching, it produces electricity. And it supplies that electricity for many decades until the magnesium rod eventually erodes away. Its not endless free energy but its free energy for some decades at least. And magnesium metal is not the most reactive metal even. Meaning a mixture of other more reactive metals would generate way more power. Imaging a room of your home with these in it, sure it would be large, and pack a whole room, but it would most likely be able to power your home for decades given the power increases when wired in series. But I have never been able to prove or disprove a home could be powered by these given I have not had the money needed to buy all the magnesium and copper needed for such an experiment. Anyway just stumbled across this site and forgot I even posted here, yes Im stephen dickens. Email [email protected]

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