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unsigned short PortP0  ;
unsigned short PortP1 ;

void main(){
   I2C1_Init(100000);      //100 KHz      // join i2c bus

        I2c_Write(0x43);  //Read Address

      PortP0 = I2C_Read(0);
      PortP1 = I2C_Read(0);

       if(PortP0 == 0b11100001) //Making Bit 0 high
    I2C_Write(0x42);//Setting the Slave Address for PCF8575. Write Address
    I2C_Write(0b11100000);// first 8bits
    I2C_Write(0b11111110);// Turn on led on Bit0
Hi all,
I am trying to control switches in PCF8575 through I2C, when I press the switch which is connected in port0 in PCF8575, I want to glow the leds which i connect in port1 of pcf8575. i attached code. I cant able to read the switch status. Please help me to solve this. Switches are connected in po,p1,p2,p3,p4 with pull down resistors and leds are connected in p12,p13,p14,p15 with pull up resistors in pcf8575

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