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Could you please help me find this capacitor?


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Hi all,

Newbie here.

My Cuisinart blender broke down and  I opened the circuit board. I see a capacitor has busted and the material ozed out. I do not exactly know how to read its rating, but the marking are "1u5K250". Please see pictures.  I have been searching for this part but no luck. Please suggest any alternate part.

Thank you so much.



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Yes, I think you are correct. Scherz and Monk's Practical Electronics for Inventors has: metallized ployester film capacitors: 2u2 = 2.2uf. The K would be -/+10%.
also: "In case, small values with decimal points needs to be represented, then the alphabetical letter “R” is used such as 0.5 is represented as 0R5, 1.0 as 1R0, and 2.2 as 2R2 respectively."

You can find 1.5uf 250vac capacitors on Ebay that ship world wide. It's difficult to tell one where to purchase something if you do not know where in the world they are.

How do you fix a horrible URL?

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@HarryA Thank you so much for responding with details. I will buy it from that ebay link (thank you @admin for fixing the link).

Yes, I live in US and my Cuisinart blender is 120 V AC. I am frustrated to see the capacitor blown-out with in a month. I hope that is the problem for the blender not working. The LCD simply blinks.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

Thanks again.


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