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Timer circuit with digital readout

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I'm trying to get a design for a timer circuit so I was looking all over the internet and found this sight. It looks promising with a lot of really smart people, so I determined to take a chance and see if anyone would be willing to help me. I need a timer that would be adjustable between 1 and 5 minutes and would alternately switch between 2 lights at the set time. It will also have to feed a digital readout of time remaining for each cycle. After studying this for a while I realized it's beyond my abilities and competence level. If anyone can help with this I think financial compensation would be a must. I hope that doesn't violate any site rules or anything. Thanks for any help you can offer

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You may find one of these helpful; you could add LEDs as required:


This one shows the circuit diagram,  you make find the manual online for it? DIY timer circuit

I like this one the best; try taking that to work.  Fake time bomb

If they are not helpful come back and we will try for a circuit if you like.

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