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Using a buck-boost converter

Anders Weile

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I bought this little converter - a DM13B-3.3 which accepts a voltage range from 2.5 to 15V.

My problem is that it just seems to short circuit the battery - a 3.7V Li-ion. I'm positive (no pun intended) that I connected the right polarity. The unit got extremely hot in a matter of seconds and started to smell.

Have I misunderstood something very basic? The battery at Vin, 3.3V at Vout, right?

I have one other unit, but ask for advice, before I sacrifice that one, too.


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Try measuring the input resistance at the +Vin and -Vin. On the up/down converters I have they  measure 400k to 2meg ohms. Perhaps comparing the two would be helpful. One has to expect failures from these inexpensive  Chinese modules.       

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