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I just do a design of lm386-based audio amplifier circuit

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Hi everyone, I just did a design of lm386 audio amplifier circuit and get a problem, 

Design steps:


  • First, think about the chip based on its function, thus designing the circuit


  • Second, to understand the nature of the chip, characteristics.


  • Third, use DXP software to draw the circuit schematic.


I could not use DXP software, how to fix?

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On 2/17/2023 at 10:14 PM, loribennms said:

I used Lm386 as an audio amplifier, 9V , and when I check the output waveform it amplifies but it was clipped. I just copied the circuit diagram on its datasheet. How to fix this? Any advice there in making an audio amplifier with good sound quality ?

You can add a decoupling capacitor. Sometimes, the output waveform can be clipped due to noise in the power supply. Adding a decoupling capacitor between the power supply and the ground can help reduce the noise and improve the output waveform.

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On 12/9/2022 at 12:42 AM, HarryA said:

You need to supply a link/url to the DXP software you are using. There are numerous software packages called DXP.

Thanks! I have fixed this problem

On 2/16/2023 at 5:35 PM, bidrohini said:

I think it's not possible to give a good answer without knowing which specific DXP softaware you're using and what error you're facing.

I just follow this article to do the design, here it is: Design of LM386-based Audio Amplifier Circuit 2022

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