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Power Supply without "Power Saving Mode" -Seeking Advice on


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Hi --I have purchased a USB LED light that come as part of a circuit that has a motion detector and a USB plug for power.  I need to power this so it will be portable and thought a USB power supply would be the perfect thing.  Problem is that when plugged in to a portable USB Power Supply and after it has turned the light on, set itself up and then turned the light off--to indicate it is motion detector mode--the power supply stops supplying power.  I have tried two different power supplies and have identical results.  I am assuming that the motion detector draws so little that the power supply thinks it's a charged battery and turns off.  Can anyone suggest a way to disable power supply mode or even a different method to obtain power.  My knowledge of electronics is very out of date so I apologize if I sound like an idiot to you people.   --Thanks


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There are two types of USB power suppliers; the USB power supply and the USB power supply charger. It appears  you are  using the charger. Consider using a USB hub connected  to the charger then connect your led/motion detector plus a simple LED device.

The LED device would have a constant drain to keep the charger active?

see for example(18ma).



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The USB power supply you're using may have a built-in auto-shutoff feature to conserve energy when it detects that the device it's charging is fully charged or not drawing any power. This could be causing the power supply to turn off when the motion detector draws only a small amount of power. Use a USB power bank with a manual on/off switch. This way, you can turn the power bank on when you want to use the LED light and motion detector, and turn it off when you're not using it to prevent the power bank from turning off automatically.

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