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Automatic electric bell using wifi

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I'm doing a project for my institution where there are 4 main building blocks with 4 electric bells inside these buildings. These are worked using a switch so the bells ring with delay and not at the correct times. But there is the same internet connection going across all the buildings. So, my idea here is to implement a system for the bell by fetching the real-time from the web and should be able to program this to a microcontroller ic to specify on which times the bell should ring and by that, we can implement the same system to all 4 buildings and they will ring at the exact time without any delay and synchronized also. I can only use any microcontroller ICs and can't use any kind of development boards. The basic functioning of the system should be this. The other features that can be added are a manual button to ring the bell and access the bell via a phone or computer with a simple and very basic interface where we can activate the using that device and should be able to schedule the dates this bell should ring and on other days the shouldn't ring. I can only use microcontroller ICs only cant use any type of development boards, So I need to know about which microcontroller I can use for this project. This project should be budget-friendly, and all the pins of the microcontroller should be utilized if possible also suggest a wifi module compatible with the microcontroller.

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An automatic electric bell using WiFi can be designed by integrating a WiFi-enabled microcontroller with an electric bell mechanism.cox internet Users can remotely control the bell's activation and schedule through a WiFi network, providing convenience and flexibility for various applications such as schools, offices, or homes.

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A suitable microcontroller for this project would be the ESP32. It's a budget-friendly microcontroller with built-in Wi-Fi capability, which makes it easy to connect to the internet and fetch real-time data. The ESP32 also has plenty of GPIO pins for controlling multiple bells and interfacing with other peripherals. You can also print PCB of your project from PCBway. 


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Creating an automatic electric bell using WiFi involves integrating a microcontroller, such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, with a WiFi module and an electric bell. Here's a basic overview of how you can set it up:

**Hardware Components:**
   - Microcontroller (Arduino or Raspberry Pi): This will control the operation of the bell based on WiFi signals.
   - WiFi Module (such as ESP8266 or ESP32): This will enable the microcontroller to connect to your WiFi network and receive commands.
   - Electric Bell: Choose a bell that operates on an appropriate voltage compatible with your microcontroller's output.

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