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  1. Hello Herman the German If you compress the file in a rar form or convet the file to gif, you can then upload it. Eagle has tools to convert any of your files to gif. Or bmp.
  2. Hello helluvawreck Welcome. I have questions about occiloscopes too. I see scopes that range in prices from 150 to 10,000 bucks, what a range huh. I don't know what I need I guess I just want something to learn with. So maybe someone could give us some good advice in what to look for, waht is needed, and what ranges are needed and what price we can expect to pay. I know big order but anything would help. thank you for anyreply have fun gogo
  3. Hey audioguru when I think cmos I think 12 volts, old school. gogo PS. jim were not done till its over done
  4. Hello jimcorrigans Ante is right about using the CD4060 for a timmer chip, thats if you have at lest about a 12 Volt power supply handy. But it could been done with with a coupple of transistors and some caps, plus some resistors. Sounds like a new Project Thread to Me. I think this timmer could be run off of 1.5 volts or so. Cool something to think about. SMD's come to mind? Have fun gogo
  5. Hello vanderjr You started out in a new world of useing microcontrollers and you are right, there is a less expenisve way to learn. Microchip sells a small kit called pic kit 1 for I think 38.00 dallors shipping included. And. Microchip gives you free software to go with It, There are a lot of other old teck stuff out there and the bucks keep rolling, A 16F684-14 pin chip is the best way to go at it now days. I think the Pic Kit is shiped with that chip now plus the 16f675 chip. Something for anybody to check out if your into Pic's. have fun gogo
  6. Hello Lakhan There are a lot of threads on making PCB's on this form just do a search, (the search botton is up on the top of this page). also In the Articles section (at the top of this page) there is a good one on making PCB's and using software. and also you might consider using stripboards. have fun gogo
  7. hello http://www.futurlec.com/TransSMD.shtml that should help ya have fun gogo
  8. I have a lm338, the data sheet says is can handle 5 amps. gogo
  9. Hi truf Try finding the data sheet that should tell you or tell us what the part number of the transistor is so we can help you. have fun gogo
  10. Hello prateeksikka The file you are talking about is the COMMAND.com. Thats were you can set you path in dos. gogo
  11. hello averagejoe Here you go joe http://www.alltronics.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?item=25I001 if you go to there home page and hit the help link it well how to buy with cash hope that helps gogo
  12. Hello JedOs86 The 556 timer is two 555's in one ic chip. In the 556 package you can use just one of the timers if you want. Hope that helps gogo
  13. Hello Mohammadamirbazr I think what you want to do is make a data loger, there is many projects on the web for different mcu's. Maybe if we had a idea of what kind of MCU you wanted to use we could stear you in the right direction. If pic's are available in your area that would be a good choice. have fun gogo
  14. Hello DBenson77 caps are like small battereis, the best way to learn about them is with leds,resistors, and a 555 ic timmer, pluss a breadboard. gogo
  15. Hello Either way, some people swear by photo paper. I tried it, it takes forever to soak the paper off. mag paper all most falls of when it hits the water. What I would like to learn more about is coatings. have fun gogo
  16. Hello I do this all the time, except I use a cloths Iron instead of a transfer thingy. Wooks good. Also I use regular office gloss paper, its just like magizne paper and I don't have to worry about recking my printer. have fun gogo
  17. Hello Zeppelin Yes. The crimp tools is like a press, all it dose is press the two hafes togeather. I can do that with plyers or a small vise. Like I said if I were to do a lot of them I might invest in a crimp tool, it just makes it faster. gogo
  18. Hello zak4000 On the data sheet it says one OZ. gogo
  19. Hello Zeppelin I use them all the time and they do make a crimpping tool for them. But I just squeeze em togeather with plyers and a some small wood blocks, it works. I guess if i did a lot of em I would buy a crimpping tool. have fun gogo
  20. Hello MP the eagel pcb you posted don't work unless you drill holes throuth the 7107 to get the 7 segments to place right. Thanks anyway back the the org. have fun gogo
  21. AH BOO WHO :'( that way won't work either, makes the L7660 backards. I would use the original project but Iwant to put a L7660 right board too. Oh well back to the drawing board. Hey MP someware on this said there was a schmatic posted on the eagle web site, I coulde find it. You wouldn't happen to have a copy of it ::) have fun gogo
  22. Hello gevv whats up, you trying to sell this? I don't understand what this thread is about. gogo
  23. hahaha Ya MP thats what I think my problem was to begin with. Heres what I come up with. I mirrored the bottom layer and just printed the top. seems that works. I printed it out and played with it. Makes since that way. time to burn another board. have fun gogo
  24. Hello MP I know its a double sided board, what I think I did is burned it upside down. I think. I am doing heat transfers so I burned the printed the bottom and mirror the top and then printed. Don't know maybe I should of mirrored the bottom and not the top. guess I will have to stare at it for awhile gogo
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