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  1. HI, Anyone have the Elektor UK of April, May and June? Please, post here! Thanks a lot,
  2. Hi, I´d like to scan some electronic magazine but the size of each page is too large. I have a Epson CX3500(printer, copier, scanner). How i can scan a single page with good quality and slow size? I know that quality and size follow the same way... But i saw many files in .pdf that have only 12MB or 20MB. Thanks a lot,
  3. You can download it from Emule. (It is the better way) By the way, anyone have the Elektor CD of 2002 Year? I downloaded from Emule but it was wrong or bad file. I need only this year to complete my collection....hehehehehehe Thanks a lot,
  4. Feliz Aniversário Ante!!! This is as brazilian people say " Happy Birthday". From Jwildes - Manaus-Amazonas-Brazil
  5. Hi, How i can make a cd using this .bin file? Can i use Nero to burn a CD? Thanks a lot, Jwildes
  6. Sorry, ;D I need the Electronics for You! I don´t have any sample of it. Thanks a lot, Jwildes
  7. Hi, ;D Is possible post any Electronics for You Magazine here? I saw some interesting projects in this magazine. Thanks a lot, By the way, i cannot found this magazine at Emule. Jwildes
  8. Hi Guys, Can you post the service manual of this models: Panasonic DVD-LA95 (portable DVD player), Toshiba Color TV 14 Model 1450TLA, Aiwa Mini System CX-NV200U. Thanks a lot, Jwildes
  9. Hi all, Can you help me with this datasheets? LA4227 and TA8659N.... Thanks a lot, Jwildes
  10. HI, Is possible post eBooks of PIC Microcontroler? Like PIC Basic: Programming and Projects and others? Thanks a lot, Jwildes
  11. Hi, Anyone have the Circuit Cellar Issue 161 to post here? I´d like to read the article about AVR and PIC programmer from Stuart Ball. Thanks a lot, Jwildes
  12. Hi, I have a portable DVD player DVD-LA95 from Panasonic with Blank LCD Screen. The player is working but the image is weak, sometimes i can see the image. I checked the LCD power (Inverter card) and found some oxidation. So, i have two questions: 1- Anyone have the Service Manual of this model? 2- Where i can buy the Inverter card of this model? Thanks a lot, Jwildes
  13. Hi Crionic, I'd like to know how to use Emule. Is it a program? Where i can find it? How i use it? I am very interesting in Elektor, EPE and Circuit Cellar Magazines. If anyone can help me, please contact me. Thanks a lot, JWildes
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