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  1. digital multimeters are readily available for that purpose!!!!
  2. no audioguru, i think u did not get my question .my question was does our body pick up only 50 Hz or any frequency signal by which it is surrounded say even a 30 Hz or 100Hz . in other words ,, is our body an antenna tuned at 50Hz or does it get automatically tuned to any frequency around it?
  3. hi audioguru , thats a strange thing u told.in india we have mains frequency as 50 Hz .Does our body pick only 50 Hz ? If i am in a country with 30 Hz mains frequency and there i touch a CRO with a fan blowing over me ,what will i get on screen? 30 Hz or nothing? In other words, is our body tuned to 50 Hz or any mains frequncy noise around us?
  4. in case your application demands a switch on for some time and off for some time why dont you go for a simple clock type ? u can control the duty cycle as well as the timpe period as per your need. any problem with that?
  5. hi audioguru! as of what i know till now is that any source can give any current depending on the resistance .what r ur views? but ofcourse too much current causes it to cross rated power and burns it off! am i correct? in short ...are voltage sources current rated or voltage rated?
  6. indeed 6552 is a regulator .capacitors also r of many types .some are electrolytic (with polarity) while some are ceramic . resistors also of different makes. so cant say without seeing them
  7. it depends on the PC configuration and the manufacturer.Laptos have it on the board itself. while desktops have it (some ) on their sound cards while some have separate!
  8. fermi level is the level of energy where there is a 50% possibility to locate an electron or simply its the energy which most of` the electrons have . it depends on doping concentration ....
  9. what advice do u want ? i mean whether to set it up or not?
  10. hi. how about using a charging RC circuit so that capacitor voltage builds upto 0.7V in 3 mins .this can be fed to the base of a transistor and push it in saturation. your views ????
  11. it has nothing but an RC (charging discharging circuit ) inside
  12. hello friends ... a nice pt to discuss.what happens if we remove the "R" Between them?
  13. a fixed voltage divider has 2 resistances in series while a variable voltage divider has a resistance in series with a POT.
  14. indeed u can derive ohms law. it comes basically from charge carriers and mobility definition. mobility =speed/Electric field.. speed =distance /time and field = Electric field / distance hence derived .name the constant as R moreover ur definition of law is not correct.it does not say V=IR but indeed it says V / I =Constant ....
  15. audioguru is correct according to me. as of what i feel the voltage drop is of main concern in any case. moreover a safety factor of 3 times is more than sufficient. 15-20 A wire for 5 A max current is not at all a bad choice. what do u say audioguru?
  16. problem in what sense? if u are using it as a clock edge generator,its not at all a problem infact good. what is your application?
  17. cls is infact clear screen. there is a file also in your PC where u can specify where u want to be (ur default directory) when u switch to dos. our frnd has set it to c:\documents\something\something. u can set it to C:\ or the other method is just described to u....
  18. 20 ohm? hey man,i would like to know how u designed it.... internal resistance of a current source is in mega ohms.doesn't it load it? i know its tough to design a constant current source for low resistance and constant voltage supply for high resistance????? or is it the other way around???
  19. These are special purpose diodes which have small charge storage time which enables them to work at very high(microwave frequencies) ;D
  20. the circuit you connect to the transformer draws its own current according to its resistance . but this 15 A which u are talking about is the transformer rating. 2 coils connected in parallel!!!! god knows what interferences come ! and how much current it drws.moreover always keep a safety factor! so better run only one M/C on it.
  21. an alternate path for the current to flow. more the number of paths ,more free is the flow and hence lesser resistance!
  22. hi rigdoctor! how have u built this program? i mean which language? i am keen to see it.great work! can i have it from u? ;D
  23. only turns ratio and wire thickness determine transformer characteristics and not its size!!!!
  24. well not much difference .Vcc refers to BJTs and Vdd and Vss refer to FETs...
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