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  1. Hi slackjack! ;D the best way to prepare for the "real world"? base from experience, have more hands-on experience with your work.. you may sleep during lecture hours, but be sure to spend a lot of time in your laboratory.. the best way of learning is doing.. you may easily forget about the definitions or properties of something that you memorized for your examination but am sure there's a pretty good chance of retaining info when you learned it because you experienced it yourself.. Also, making your own projects would be nice as it increases your "experience" in the filed of Electronics.. 8)
  2. waaaaaaaaaaa!!! NO WAY!! Theory Articles?! i can't even define the most basic electronic terms... eheh.. besides, i am still uncertain what to do wiht my life.. i'd be lucky if i get a job soon.. if the job demads too much time for me, i may have to quit spending hours and hours surfing the web each day.. :( there are still lots of members out there.. maybe , you could handle extra load, Ante.. ;D
  3. pyroboy 8), what will you buy?! i thought you're trying to learn.. ;D
  4. UM..me123, before downloading you can choose from 2 different "host" (as shown below).. have you tried them both.. i dont have an problem downloading the book.. after hitting the download button.. a pop-up window should appear.. some possible errors:
  5. Someday?! :o i think that "someday" was a year ago! :P ;D i believe that this forum can get a rating equivalent to that of a 5-star hotel! ;) congratulations to mixos! ..and of course to the rest of us!
  6. Kasamiko, you do have your own electronics&cellphone shop, huh?! any vacancy? ehehe.. am still having my papers processed.. Brgy clearance, piloce clearance, NBI, cert of gradt'n, OTR, diploma, clearance from DOST.. am still haven't started , because i simply can't.. i lost my wallet with my life in it! my ID's were there!! maybe by mid-June, i'll go to Manila to apply for work.. my number one target is PLDT/Smart.. i had my OJT there last year.. i'll use that to my advantage.. hopefully, i get hired.. i'll also try at TechnoPark in laguna.. i heard that there are many vacancies there, especially those in line with eletronics.. welcome here Porty! am with Kasamiko, ENGLISH ONLY please..
  7. aw! am sorry if i misled you.. don't pay attention to that, i was just kidding!
  8. am sorry all if "vampire" didn't work for you.. maybe that password is only good for 20 downloads, and i was the thwentieth!! ;D ehehehe.. i can't try to download it again to see if it is still working, it slows down the dload rate..
  9. http://www.rarpasswordcracker.com/ http://www.intelore.com/rar_password_recovery.php dunno if they'll work... pls let us knwo if it does.. 8)
  10. MNA, ;D downloading the winrar file is not problem.. you would be prmpted for the passsword when you try to open the content of the file which is the j ournal in PDF form.. yes, "vampire" does work.. TRY it yourself!! 8)
  11. chief, next time read the rest of the posts first... ;D i learned this during training in the FBI :P
  12. got it! ;D http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?action=who
  13. it seemed like muhammad is not the first to encounter the problem.. note that mixos promised to fix the problem.. (extra note: i dont have anything against mixos, i know he has a lot of things to take care of :P ehehe) http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=114.0 8)
  14. hi misha! ;D you can dload the datasheet of LM741 here: http://alldatasheet.com/view.jsp?Searchword=LM7 i dont have luck with the other one, sorry..
  15. i noticed that only a couple of threads has moderators.. who selects the moderators and who gives them authority? mixos, the owner? any moderator there that accepts extra load?! ;D ehehe..
  16. no problem, Ante! ;) anyway, i hope this problem gets fixed.. i think the only user affected by this is you, Ante.. ordinary users seldom reaches 3000KB in the files they want to atach.. but is you, the one 8) that seems to have every electronic book, that is really bothered by the problem.. i noticed that the e-books you are uploading to the site are sometimes chopped up to three parts!! wait! waaaaaa!! :o EVERYBODY is affected!! once, i downloaded a book you have uploaded.. when i got home to open it, it fails! :( the reason, the third part is missing.. i thought it has only two parts so i just saved parts 1 & 2.. i think this could have been avoided if only you could upload large files without splitting them into parts.. >:( mixos 8) is the only one authorized/capable to fix this, right?! ???
  17. i've been here at eLab for quite some time now.. my thesis took me here.. i needed some experts' advise.. luckily, audioguru was there! he helped get through the project.. azteeg siya mga tol, daming alam! cut the story short, i finished the pro ject (though, it didn't function properly), i passed the subject -- all thanks to eLab and the experts who runs this forum.. in return, eto ako ngayun, i try to help in my own little way.. i may not know things about t ransmitters, sine waves, microelectronics, etc, but i help newbies in things like MS word, attaching files, datasheets.. anything that i am capable of answering.. am learning a lot just reading the posts, at least.. am something in between schooling and working.. just graduated in BS Electronics Technology last march from Bicol University.. i'm from Ligao City, Legazpi..near Mayon Volcano.. here's my phone number +639185021168 kuento namn kayu.. 8) KABAYAN!!!!
  18. Hi Sharmila! ;D you would be off to a nice start if you could have those manuals uploaded here at the site! ait would be a big help to anyone! i hope you could do everybody a favor! thanks a lot! 8)
  19. hi Sharmila! ;D are you going to give it for free?! can't you just post it here?! thanks!
  20. hi Sharmila! are you going to give it for free?! can't you just post it here?!
  21. hi all! ;D i noticed that there are many Filipinos here at eLab than i expected.. am calling out to the pinoys out there.. am not comfortable of sending PM's everytime i meet a pinoy here.. dito n lng tayu usap-usap.. i hope it's OK to the rest if i'm doing this.. :-\ i just want to get acquianted with my compatriots that are also with ELectronics.. these are the active Pinoys 8) i met here: tikbalang shobhitkukreti Kasamiko jaykool_56
  22. NP ;) there are lots of interesting things in that page.. 8) huh?! ??? do you mean like a "user activity log"? here at eLab?! ??? am sorry i dont think i have encountered anything like that here.. could you please give more description?!
  23. Muhammad's observation is right.. but muhammad, you missed to inspect further into the problem.. try "The Robot Builder Bonanza" or "The Robot Builder" and you'll have results.. the search button seems to have a problem with 's to prove this, thry searching "220VAC Powered LED's" you'll see that "LED's" is NOT highlighted in yellow.. or.. simply look up 's and you'll have two pages of result but none is highlighted.. i think there is no need to remove it.. if it doesn't work for you, then leave it that way.. there are users who knows how to use "search"...
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