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  1. am a math wiz muhammad, don't you know?! :D eheheheh.. it's on the stats board of the site, dude! 8) http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?action=stats ;D
  2. i guess we just have to rely on rapidshare for the larger files.. just like what Ante did to the beginner's handbook problem... 8)
  3. please ignore the attachment.. im just testing if i will experience the same problem encoutered by Ante.. the file size is only 6000KB.. 26000kb and 19000KB and 14000kb and 12800 and 8000KB 7000KB were failed attempts.. *crossed fingers*
  4. SM2GXN, that's good news :D .. i've even joined electro_tech online forum to see his profile there, there's nothing.. ey, do you mind sending his home add to me thru PM.. thnks.. 8) i hope we could hear from him soon!
  5. muhammad, ;D slackjack is right, Mozilla is better than explorer.. give it a try! also,a try updating from time to time..
  6. hey you guyz! be thankful we have a 15.7 : 1 ratio b\n male to female.. ;D or else we might have just started WWIII.. ehehe.. ;D 8)
  7. i have predicted that it'll take 49 days before we reach the 20k members mark.. well, only after a month and a day we are at 19912.. we are short of only 88 more members! will mixos give a prize to the 20,000th member?! ehehe.. let's admit it, we are doing a heck of a job keeping this site up and running! this site is really the best in electronics! ehehe.. CONGRATULATIONS to us! ;D 8)
  8. maybe the number of pages can be increased.. anyway, there's about a5-inch gap between the last page and the "mark as read" button" on the other hand, opening a few extra pages sometimes reveal topics that becomes interesting all of a sudden.. ;D
  9. Staigen's MSN is always online.. if he is sleeping we would use "away" status... and, sometimes, when we are talking, he would excuse himself for a moment to feed his cats.. now, he is nowhere to be found.. even audioguru has no idea where he is.. he's from Sweden right?! i browsed through the MSN conversations with him which i saved, but he didn't mention anything useful, like a home add or a phone number.. i hope someone could come up with something..
  10. i definitely agree with slackjack.. maybe, a moderator could lock this topic and give directions where to find the book..
  11. even using DSL, i frequently experience very slow connection since i am accessing the internet in an internet cafe expecially if some users are downloading stuffs or watching some music videos.. what i usually do is open a couple of windows or tabs so that after i have finished viewing a page, the others have finished donwloading.. ;D
  12. hey! hey!! i didn't mean to frustrate :( you with what i found out.. i thought you could find useful info on the site.. you can still build one.. the site sells a product.. no schematic was included there.. maybe you could design one and post it here at eLab ;D .. at least hobbyists can see your work! c'Mon!! ;)
  13. what makes the forum unorganized are those users seeking desperately for help.. if they don't get the help they needed at their first post, they try to post it somewhere hoping that they would get the answers in the new topic they have started.. i just wish there is a way to advise new users!!
  14. muhammad, ;D if you want, you could do that yourself.. if you have collected enough e-books have them converted in CD's.. all you need is a CD-writer in your PC.. i use Nero to put files in CD's..
  15. waaaaaaa!!! i just sent an email to staigen but the letter came back! yahoo's mailer-daemon said [email protected]'s mailbox is unavailable.. what's wrong with Staigen?! i don't even see him on MSN.. am just puzzled and concerned at how long he's gone now.. any other way to contact him?
  16. raccon :) take a look at this: http://www.energytools.com/pwrmeter.htm
  17. so that's how commissioner Gordon calls Batman for help! ehehe.. ;D nice project! 8)
  18. The problem about the book was solved but the requests is never-ending~
  19. HI raccon! ;D have you already started building your project?! please let us know of your progress with your work.. i think it is a great idea? have you checked if there is an existing device that functions like that of your "electrcity MEter"? Anyway, i wish you luck! 8)
  20. Hi Sendebad! i hope you would consider deleting the post you made here http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=5274.0 problems don't have instant solutions for them, please be patient.. as you can see, someone had already answered your questions..
  21. hi misha! http://alldatasheet.com/view.jsp?Searchword=SM5 http://alldatasheet.com/view.jsp?Searchword=SM5
  22. hhmm.. thanks Ante for backing me up back there! 8) Rapidshare? it does require a user to sign up, right? and signing up needs payments? it's not free?
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