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  1. ashtweth, Some of the links don't work unless you log in to yahoo!!
  2. Hi All, When I click on a
  3. Charlie, You have to use a DC-DC step down circuit with isolation transformer.
  4. stuee, It is not necessary to use a shunt to measure the current. Just use the heavy wire as a shunt and an adjustable amplifier (op-amp) to interface the meter. Borrow a clamp am-meter and calibrate when the setup is ready. You should avoid putting in shunts in this circuit if not absolutely necessary. Remember that the wire to the starter carry much more than 100A when cranking the engine. I haven
  5. Audioguru, You made me worried there, for a while I believed you have lost it. ;D Lower thermal resistance is good though. The circuit also need some change of resistor values and omitting the zener diode to work on 40Volts. And the LED is purple! ;D
  6. Audioguru, This will maybe (if correct drawn) clarify a bit.
  7. There you see, I knew there was a way to get parts even down under! You even became an electronics businessman. ;D If the catalogue is the same as I have (it
  8. mahalkoh, Welcome to this forum. Here is the datasheet for ICL7106: http://www.intersil.com/data/fn/fn3082.pdf
  9. ante


    Black wing, How much power do you need on the 220V side (Watts)?
  10. Audioguru, The circuit generates a bad square wave, which is not very effective for PWM purposes. So there are circuits as simple but with better performance.
  11. Audioguru, Yes 30W each but with 0V out @ 5A, how often do you need 0V? You have to explain why a lower RDSon is better in this linear circuit, I think the RDSon is not very significant when running a mosfet
  12. Inferno, Oh I see, I thought the mod was for an existing unit. Why chose a supply with two ranges? I don
  13. But this is how it looks in your garage, isn
  14. Hi Inferno, You have to change the transformers and the rectifiers for a start. If we stop at this and see if you have space enough for these new bigger parts, and some reinforcements done to the PCB then we know if it
  15. Herman, How strong is the sun where you live? How fast do you want the car to go? What is the spec for the motors?
  16. Hi Stuee, Hit this: http://www.farnell.com/ and click on the Australian flag, done!
  17. It changes the sound of the motor not the rpm. I agree, dump it!
  18. Audioguru, Yes you are right, just frequency adjustment and not even a nice looking square on the scope! 8)
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