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  1. HANIFF, Welcome to the community. I need to know some more details. What is the
  2. Kain, Try to find the datasheet from your suppliers panel meters and study it. Most of the LCD & LED panel Volt meters have 199,9 mV, 1,999 V, 19,99 V, 199,9 V ranges. On the 199,9 mV range just shunt with a 0.01 Ohm resistor and your meter will show 0
  3. Audioguru, What makes you think that a diode will slowdown the relay? And the cap is not supposed to be on the contacts but on the coil. Ante ::)
  4. Kain, You can use a V meter as an A meter you just need a shunt. Ante ::)
  5. Laet, audioguru, In fact there is a way without semiconductors involved! My first question was to establish if a cap over coil solution was right for this. If there is high current it will arc when the contacts open slowly as they do when the cap discharges. Maybe not to the eye but slow enough to burn the relay. My suggestion is to avoid semiconductors, find a small relay with high resistance coil and let the small one control the big one. This way the high amp relay will open at normal speed and no unnecessary arcing will occur. And no enormous cap is necessary. ;D Ante ::)
  6. Laet, Welcome to this community. How much load are we talking about on the relay contacts? Ante ::)
  7. Kain, Welcome to this community. The analog meters are more expensive than the digital these days, are you sure you don
  8. Here is part two! Ante ::) [attachment deleted by admin]
  9. balder, I tried but I got error messages so now I have split the file in two and try again! Ante ::) PAN_tc-28x1c_25x1c-1.pdf
  10. Rhonn, Basically a higher voltage gives lower losses and you can use thiner wires for the same power (W). And higher frequency will give you smaller transformers and a slightly better picture on the TV-set. AC is better than DC when switching (Less arcing 8) ) and changing the voltage at home with a transformer. (Don
  11. To all, If there is a transformer inside and it
  12. Chaos, Welcome to this community. Here are some really simple circuits to start with if you are trying to learn a new software. http://www.tep.org.uk/upload/112%20circuits/ Ante ::)
  13. audioguru, Seems like prototyping days are over and the device is now ready for production ;D. How long time do you think the triple A batterys will run in this final version? Ante ::)
  14. balder, I have service manual 10 page (mostly schematic) for TX-28X1C / TX-25XIC TX28X1CP / TX-25X1CP ALPHA I don
  15. FATOOTA, They come in many different shapes here is one example: Ante ::)
  16. audioguru, I think you missed the sketch, or I am having a problem here! :o Ante ::)
  17. Vainajala, I think you should stick to the TO3 and either move it from the pcb or fit a heatsink like this: Ante ::)
  18. vainajala, The LM 7824 can take 40V input so I think it will work or I can use the LM 317HV. Thanks for bringing my attention to the MAX 4080, I have not seen it before and it
  19. vainajala, Looks good to me, If you can fit a heatsink on the TO3 your home free. I can
  20. John, Is this the right thread for this circuit John? Ante ::)
  21. Vainajala, You have been busy. Thanks! I have been sketching on something similar and I used the wire from the PCB
  22. audioguru, I tried not to interfere but now I could not resist any longer, tell me is your next step to chase ghosts ? Ante ::)
  23. geeko, Welcome to this community. ;D There is lots of info in the datasheet. http://www.philipslogic.com/products/hc/pdf/74hc390.pdf Ante ::)
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