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  1. Hi Groovy, welcome! In a case like this I would use zero-cross optoisolator triac driver and current transformers to obtain maximum personnel safety and protection for the circuit. Another good reason for the zero-cross optoisolator triac driver is the
  2. SleepN2zero9, This fellow knows audio http://sound.westhost.com/index2.html Ante ::)
  3. Yes I have seen the Texas I have never owned one. At that time I used Sinclair and Commodore Computers. The first computer I owned came as a kit
  4. Kevin, Can you make a drawing of the circuit so I can explore is? It is possible that it is a kind of floating ground circuit. Ante ::)
  5. Yes, the output stage doesn
  6. Hi Sandor Everyone make mistakes, no big deal. Let
  7. Yes I see, 9Volt transformer, rectifier, and cap gives around 13Volts with zero load. One regulator, resistor, diode and the shunt in the A-meter
  8. This is a good one! http://www.wimtv.be/techniforum/ Ante ::)
  9. At least I could smile ;D at these articles I mean;
  10. Hi navy Sure, a PWM circuit could be made for this purpose but I would try to find a ready built unit, try Zapi or Sevcon they have compact and protected systems. Ante ::)
  11. Sorry you are right now I see what you mean :o :o :o! The regulator is supposed to be connected as a constant current source! Ante ::)
  12. The regulator is connected as a constant current source not a voltage regulator! Ante ::)
  13. Quite often the things you connect to a PSU are equipped with big capacitors on their input. If you have a big capacitor on the PSU output it reduces the rushin current from the powerstage. The zener can easily be checked by connecting it in series with a resistor and measure the voltage across. Ante ::)
  14. Staigen, You have been busy, haven
  15. Mastrilla, Sometimes a variac is not isolated from mains and in that case it is dangerous to use for a PSU. If you take a look here http://www.action-electronics.com/variac.htm#Vary you can see that only one out of five is insulated. When it is not insulated means that the secondary winding is part of the primary and if you connect live to the wrong side you can kill yourself! :o And we don
  16. Hi John Some research in old books: 2SD2065 :NPN power/audio/switch ,140Volts 7A 80W Can be replaced with BD245D 2SC2706 2SC2837 2SC3907 Question : Does the 2SD2065 have an insulated case? One of my books states that the comparison type does not have insulated case, so makes me wonder :-\ Ante ::)
  17. Hi Kevin, Do you have a multimeter? If so why not measure the voltage over the Zener? Why do you think a large capacitor on the output is negligent design? Ante ::)
  18. Siddhu, While we are waiting........................ To charge any form of battery there are a threshold for the current/voltage. If there is not enough energy you cannot overcome this threshold and there will be no charging done. Ante ::)
  19. Hi, That one runs on steam, right ? ;D Ante ::)
  20. Oh, I forgot: Here are some datasheets for the nearest brother and for the equivalent one. By the way the 2SD2064.pdf
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