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Found 8 results

  1. Hello I am trying to repair a smps power supply based on UC3825A Problem is the resistor R49 & R34 get burst as soon as i start the smps I am not able to find out the issue SYS_ECON is a 0-5v given from MCU desired by user to control 0-180v smps output
  2. Features: AC – DC Conversion Double output voltages (Positive – Ground – Negative) Adjustable positive and negative rails Just a Single-Output AC transformer Output noise (20MHz-BWL, no load): Around 1.12mVpp Low noise and stable outputs (ideal to power Opamps) Output Voltage: +/-1.25V to +/-25V Maximum output current: 300mA to 500mA Cheap and easy to solder (all component packages are DIP) A double output low noise power supply is an essential tool for any electronics enthusiast. There are many circumstances that a double-out
  3. Dont mean to resurrect a dead horse but I recently came across the old stabilized o-30 volt power supply. I found the original magazine article from 1978. Seems like it lost it's original design over the years. I attached the pdf of the issue. It starts on page 40. Practical-Electronics-1978-10.pdf
  4. hello, i found out your page on internet http://www.electronics-lab.com/400v-5a-power-supply-brushless-motor-drivers/ 400V - 5A Power Supply For Brushless Motor Drivers - Electronics-Lab Although the power supply design is specific to the Brushless Servo Drivers mainly for IPM Modules, the concepts and circuit design may be used for any power supply requires high voltage output up to 400V DC and 5 Amps. The power supply is an unregulated design with an option to allow connection to ... www.electronic
  5. How i can build transformer less circuit for 10 Volt 1000 Ampere Power supply.
  6. This article is automatically translated by google translate, just for reference.Chinese version PDF please CLICK HERE.Low voltage DC powerPart 3: Electromagnetic compatibility(EMC)GB This section 21560 specifies the power level does not exceed 30 kW,an input AC or DC input voltage is not more than 660 V,the DC output voltage does not exceed 250 V power source of various means(PSU)of the electromagnetic compatibility(EMC)requirements.Power supply means operate independently, or other devices installed in adequate electrical and mechanical protection are -for some special industrial application
  7. Hi, I've been working on replacing the two 10k potentiometers for voltage and current control with two rotary encoders. The idea is to get (theoretically) arbitrarily fine control via software on an ATMega328P microcontroller. The microcontroller would also be in charge of outputting desired and measured voltage and current values to an LCD. Since I haven't found any suitable digital potentiometers I figured I'd simply generate the analog voltages for the non-inverting inputs of U2 and U3. U2 gets a voltage between 0 and 10V using the uC's PWM output, a low pass filter and an op amp. Poi
  8. with PCB and Simulation Power Supply 1.2~30VDC, 1.5A.rar
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