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what is silk screen??


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Many of the older PC Board shops used silk screen to make the circuit pattern on the copper as well. I tried this, but it takes a lot of practice and I never liked the results as compared to the photography method. It is also very messy. You have a lot of clean up after each board you print.
Have you considered Iron on transfer or photo etch methods?


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No alcohol does not affect it. I dont know if you use a strong one what happens.

I usually spray both sides (copper side and component side) with PLASTIK from Cramolin. (insulating spray) but you dont have to do it. It Wont Leave.
When I spray it I dont touch the silkscreen because the letters come off with the spray, (It has a little more alcohol...) but when it dries it leaves a nice and shiny finish

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Guest Kasamiko

The previous is with HP photo paper.

This one is with plain paper.

This topic has been discussed many times in this forum but as far as I can remember your the first to confirm good result using ORDINARY PAPERS.. :o to print the parts placement guide.
Can you please post here your techniques on how you did it??


Rhonn ;) ;)
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