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Hi Cryonic,

Well I’d say, that was all nicely put and I relate to it top to bottom! But, somewhere in the middle I felt that you might have thought that I didn’t like the web page but I assure you I did! Its pure nostalgia to me, I built a few tube projects back in the early seventies and I also repaired amplifiers and other tube devices back then. One of my early tube projects was an FM stereo receiver, at the time there were only a few stations which continuously broadcasted in stereo. I was lucky living close to Denmark as they where way ahead with stereo broadcasting. Man, if I could rewind!  ;)

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Hi Guys,

Thank you all so much for the warm comments you have given me relating to my post. I really appreciate this, and feel privileged to be a member of this Forum with such nice people ;)

@Ante, I had put the word "rub" between quotes, meaning that you should not take it literately. More than once, have you given hints in your posts to your affection towards electronics of nostalgia. It was clear to me that you would like these old books, just like I do. I am only slightly younger than you are, and we are both "products" of the "flower power era". But I think that we were both too young in those days to have maturely participated in the "movement". Also the drug scenes of those days, past by before I even knew that they existed. I suppose that the majority of us in the West were not involved in this kind of scene. Even Bill Clinton, who is much older than we are, did not get involved. Remember what he said; "I only took a little puff, but did not inhale" and "No,... I only smoked that cigar",... gosh I miss this guy ! What a hell of a poker player must he have been ;D

To keep this post a little bit electronics related, here you have an excellent link page (Lots of downloads !):

General Tube Related and Hifi Links:

This just caught my eye on this link page:
Why transistors aren't much good for switching 50,000 amps at 20,000 volts in under 20 nS, or, Please Don't Install JFETS in Your A-Bomb Triggers. Discussion of high powered tube switching devices.

Paseley's excellent page on high powered tube switching devices. Remark: Wasn't there a member who wanted to spot weld with this kind of current ?, for Paseley has the solution to the problem.
(I had to correct the link to his page):

This one also caught my eye:
Need schematics for old radios? Or just want to look at 'em, so you can see how stuff wuz done in the olden days? This site has 4000 pages of them on line...plus color code charts, etc....data on antique tube types:

Enjoy !


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Hi Cryonic,

Even more great links, thanks!

Yes, the flower power era; I was aware of it but as you said too young to be involved. Learned from it though, to be evasive of drugs in my youth coming out of it smelling like a rose instead of (a) pot!  ;D

BDW I am still young!  ;)

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