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I need a device that communicate for comuputer and 10base-T network, though computers RS-232 interface (9 PIN)

it's here.

|---------| |------------| |-------------------------| |----------|
| PC |----| RS-232 |------| 8031 + eeprom |--------|network|
|---------| |------------| | + 8029(or 9008) | |----------|
RS-232 need use 115200 BPS, do not need to drive it.
who can design thsi device ?
I think it is useful for a lot of people.

if someone can design it, I want buy it. and sell it together.

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Keeping it simple is the phrase that sticks out here. Many times the technology has come to a point that exceeds the ability of the novice to configure it to his liking. The best way to go about a solution is to use the most primitive devices. You might be surprised that you can effectively produce results when you cut out the fat. The PC makes this task easy by using simple protocals. Remember, the purpose of communication is to send the data at a rate that is compatible while making use of the mean time. This means that other things can be accomplished while you wait. This is the difference between serial and parallel communication.

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