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Trying to build a project, need parts

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Im trying to buld the rj4 ir network in the projects page but cant get hold of the parts

Could someone look here www.rsaustralia.com
and see if they sell any parts i can use instead

Im going insane rying to work it out
Thanks in advance

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Hi Stu,
Those are very common parts over (up?) here for many years.
Many Aussies have given up with RS Components' and Dick Smith Electronics' war-surplus stuff, and order from Farnell's free catalog or on the web. I use my country's division of Farnell and get next day delivery. My country is big too and its snail-mail is probably a lot slower than your kangaroos! ;D
You will enter your order and click "send"..... then hear ding-dong, that's fast delivery. That has happened to me and I couldn't believe it. But it was just a free delivery of a back-ordered part.

I wish that my electronic parts distributors will do what my food stores do. If they run out of something, or if its price scans wrong (that's how they make profit, if you don't catch them) or if it is past its "best before" date, then it is free or they give you a free coupon.

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