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scalar beamer


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:) has anyone tried the bendi scalar beamer exsperiment, id like to know what results they got, im planing to biuld one to test. i did try one but useing different magnets and wound differently than the winding on the magnets of the bendi scalar beamer. and the only thing ive noticed was this lovely relaxing sensation inside my head like my brains was being stimiulated, as if was nearing a trance like state. while awake.

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:) reply to audio guru, audio guru im looking into this scalar beamer stuff and from what i can find out , it sounds abit like or simliar to the painfeild generater or pocket painfeild generater. and allso if this thin scalar beam can be felt, then ive got a few wild ideas to try it with. see what i find. im abit concernd about the wire wound rheostate or what ever it was, that needs to be used, i dont have any in my massave parts arsenel up stairs so surely there is an alternative that can be used , and im thinking of useing round ceramic magnetron magnets from microwave oven magnetrons to, and see what happens ,

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:) audio guru i was refefring to the wire wound potentiometer or rheostat used in the whole shebqang setup as desribed on the net for the bendi scalar beamer, this part i dont have but do you think a normal potentiometer will do if i dont have a wire wound type, or is it criticle that it has to be a wire wound rheostat.

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It runs off a little 9V battery?
I would think that you would need a coil with thick wire and many turns, in order to modulate the extremely strong field of the magnets. Of course, that coil will need a lot of current, more than a little 9V can provide.
What do you think about a power amp to feed the coil, and an oscillator, pulse gen or pink noise gen feeding the amp?

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Hi Steven,
I use a digital CMOS IC for my noise generator, but it is now obsolete.
A good noise source can be made by causing the reverse-biased base-emitter junction of a silicon transistor to avalanch (at about 7V), like as done here:

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well many years latter its now 2022 and im adding to this years old topic ive built 2 new scalar beamers , and im finding out new things like the biological interface with you own body and a frequency generator say square wave generator sure dose strange things  and interferes remotely with the usb plug in plug out audio sounds  from the 9vdc powerd scalar beamer and the electric motor in that one was mysteriously going faster and faster in steps till it got to a speed it just stayed on it


redesigned scalar beamer 2.jpg

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