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Hi Ante,
At about the same time today as you posted your errors, I sent an e-mail to Mixos attaching exactly the same errors! ;)
I suspect that "footer-linkman" is having difficulty fetching advertisment #30, and others.
It is very bad at that certain time of the day.
I just simply give-up trying and go to the other web-forum.

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I have come to such problem yesterday.... and found the loading on the pages were quite slow....... and then turn out the error pages as shown. But try reloading pages seem to cure the problem.
Today there is no more such problem and all are working fine, included the "new" button.... so you better check with Mixos....


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Hey, after only a few tries with errors, I am able to reply!

Hi Ante,
When I see the little red hour-glass beside "Web site found, waiting for reply", I know that it is going to screw-up.
I haven't tried the new button much, I am too busy trying to navigate around this site with all those errors.
I must copy-and-save all replies in case an error occurs during "Post".

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