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how can i produce 15kV from 15V DC


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You use current to bring the voltage up. Accordingly, you can use even a DC voltage to bring the voltage up to a maximum peak to peak. However you cannot take this and rectify it nor filter it. You cannot rectify because the oscillation is not AC and you cannot filter because there is not enough DC in the waveform. This is why they use a transformer to get the DC to DC conversion.

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Hi Efra,
I answered your question in your other post, except it didn't mention using a power source. Now you are even instant-messaging me. Please don't double-post.
You cannot step-up a low DC voltage to a higher one using only passive devices. You must also use active devices such as an IC or transistors to make an oscillator.

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If you don't want to use active devices to step-up your voltage source, get a spark coil from an old car. Apply your voltage source to it through a switch and let your hand be the oscillator. After applying power with the switch, when you turn it off then the coil will make a spark. If you turn it on and off quickly, you'll get lots of sparks.

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