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Hi all,
Maybe there could be a section devoted to components swap.

I'm sure there's plenty of members of Electronic Lab that have recycled all kinds of electronic components.
I have all sorts of bits and pieces some of which I have more than I need, and some things I have are very useful that I'm not likely to ever use, but could be just the thing that a member of Electronic Lab needs.

I think some rules would have to apply. I think maybe members that have a certain amount of post maybe 50 or 100 would be allowed to make a swap, at least you would get a bit of an idea whether you could trust this member.

And I think the most important rule of all. If you send an item to a member and you receive nothing in return(bad luck) you simply don't send any think unless you are prepared to take the risk.

You simply don't deal with that person again and no bad feedback, except for maybe something went wrong didn't receive item.

I think with the proper rules in place, this could be a really good thing ;).

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I think this would be most appropriate in the buy/sell area of this forum. Why not post your trades there?

As far as trusting someone more who has 50 or 100 posts, I do not follow the logic there. If someone talks a lot it makes them more trustworthy?

I do not feel this site should bear the burden of policing your transactions, though. You should figure on this the same as buy and sell. Proceed at your own risk. Let's leave mixos free to keep the site running. He already works very hard.


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MP, I'm not sure how I should take your comment?, I do feel somewhat offended :(.

I do not feel that any new member with few posts, is less trustworthy then any other member of Electronic Lab.

As for my suggestion 50 or 100 posts, do you really think there wouldn't be anyone out there, that wouldn't try to take advantage of the good members of Electronic Lab. It would be all too easy to become a member and post a few comments and get a few free components.

I am not buying selling or trading anything here. This is a suggestion :).

Freely post your thoughts about this site. Suggestions, request, critism etc

Adding a new topic under buy/sell does makes sense, but I was thinking more along the lines of this being for members, and set up under its own forums name or something similar I don't know, my suggestion was to maybe enhance this site, not to create more work for Mixos.

My idea was to post the idea and add a few suggestions ;D.

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Well the idea is, if you're in need of a particular component or components, you post your request as well as components you're willing to trade for them. You pay your own freight to send them. Or something along those lines. It is just an idea, maybe it can be done :).

You would have to consider the freight costs, versus the cost of the component.
I have components that I have salvage that are fairly expensive to buying new, they would cost very little in comparison for shipping. The idea of recycling is the most appealing part to me 8).

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I just now noticed your reply. Please do not be offended. You misunderstood. I was trying to get the same point across to you.

In your original post you said,
"...I think maybe members that have a certain amount of post maybe 50 or 100 would be allowed to make a swap, at least you would get a bit of an idea whether you could trust this member."

To me, this means that you think members with few posts are less trustworthy. I am glad to see this is not the case.


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Hi spleblem,

I think the community has spoken on this suggestion/idea, by not speaking, commenting  ;D.

And I am not interested in trying to promote this idea any further to the community, if there is no interest ;).

Maybe you could post a request in the "buy/sell area" under something like components swap, and request some recycled components you require, and a list of components you're willing to trade.

Maybe once members see a few successful trades, it might generate some interest ???.

I might give it a go myself and see what happens 8).

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