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recorded voice player

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If you are referring to the schematics I posted, sorry I'm not sure, I think it's 20 seconds. It may also be obsolete, but there are many others that you can use for different record Times. I have come across one that will record up to 60 seconds, rather expensive though. I haven't yet put one of these devices together, I haven't really looked into it.

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The ISD's use non-volatile memory (EEPROM) so all that you would need to do as far as I can tell is connect a mic and record button long enough to record the desired sound.... then remove the two and insulate the record pin to prevent it from grounding.

I'm just a newbie with alot of this so if someone with more exxperience would care to verify this I'd appreciate it.

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More to play with ISD IC, you can set the address pin and record say for example, 2 messages with 5seconds time; and also can play them back also.

I have done this in a keychain recorder which serve very well. 8)

Later I will give out a schematic how to do it and also some pictures of my designed product.

(next week I will post..... got a lot to work on with my examiniation......... )

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Guest Yevgenip

How about a micro tape recorder, but instead of tape, put in a small closed loop string that is just the exact length of the tape path. You can also use this to train talking perrots ;D (or parrots, don't know how to spell it :-[).

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Well, the tape option would work, but wouldn't that require a LOT more in the way of components, space and overall power?

A COB might not be a bad idea but I couldn't begin to tell you where to go to get that designed, much less produced cheaply... Unless you're planning a full production run, in which case I'd still probably prototype the first couple using ISD chips, then go with COB when you can afford to hire out for it.... as far as I know it's nothing most people (even hobbyists) could design much less make from home.

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