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TV cable connections


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In order to give signal to two different cables, the TV technician stripped the cable coming out of my TV antenna and the two other cables. He then twisted all three cores together and all three nets/foils together. He insulated the junction with tape. This cabling is on my roof and has no protection from weather effects. Is it the proper way to do this, or are there any losses? >:(
I was thinking of putting all three cables inside an electrical box and connecting the cables somehow. Which is the best (minimum signal losses) way to do this?
Should I install connectors (e.g. BNC type) in order to simplify a future task? (e.g. changing antenna, installing satellite dish e.t.c.).

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Go and ask your techician what is the tv cables impedance. He will propably wont know.

Are your televisions have good reception? When they are both ON??

Go and buy a 2-way splitter (I think its called like this my english is baaad). It has three connectors, of whitch one is input and the other two are the outputs. If you like there are 4-way for more TVs...

If you get Sattelite dish you will need different cabling from LNB to Sattelite receiver. And I suggest you to keep the ordinary antenna.

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The impedance of the cable is 75 Ohm. By the way, if I am not mistaken, this is the impedance needed for satellite LNBs.
Both televisions have good receptance. The point is that I am concerned regarding their receptance once water passes through the tape and into the cables.
I would like to connect one, maybe two additional televisions on the antenna without installing any form of power-demanding device on my roof (amplifier etc.).
What are the losses of this "impedance matching juction box" (how do I ask for this in a greek shop? Any translations? :)) ?

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