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bidirectional re

Kevin Weddle

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I want someone to verify the bidirectional re of a transistor. I could not find the data in my book so I was left to guess. I wondered why you could not have a larger signal on the base when in fact the signal originates at the emitter. It could happen right. Not likely in this situation. The signal source always divides down with respect to ground. I can't prove it on paper because it is not possible. So if you have a comment I would like to hear it.

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Are you feeding a signal to the emitter of a transistor and expecting to get the signal amplified out of its base?  ??? ??? ??? ??? Transistors don't work like that.

A common-base amplifier that is biased correctly has the emitter as a very low impedance input and the collector as a medium impedance output. It has voltage gain.

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