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Need some electronic add-on ideas for my new project (Stirling engine)

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Hi all, and thank you for your replies :D,

I posted a video clip of my Stirling engine as well as some information here(http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=3353.0).

Ok audioguru, my clock displays the right time now, I just thought I might wait for the next server change to fix it.
Sure audioguru ;), I do understand I will need to use some kind of gearing to drive the generator to a suitable RPM ;D, and I can add more candles for more talk, but I must also avoid increasing the RPM to much, which can be done to a certain degree by adjusting the led wait on the handle, I don't want the poor little thing flying to pieces after all it's made of balloons fishing line and wire :o ;D, and as I mentioned in my other post for the construction side of things, I found some reliability problems so I may not end up connecting a generator and a electronic device to this one just yet :(, it still early days for this project, I thought I was ready to take this project to the next step, but those bugs are still popping their heads up, I may have to knock up, another larger Stirling engine with a little more strength 8).

Thanks audioguru, that's a couple of good project ideas that you mentioned in your earlier post.


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I'm sorry to post of topic now ;D ;D,

Ante,  I was thinking of going that way about it, but I was thinking the low RPM may be a problem, depending on what I wanted to power from it.

Thank you to everyone who has posted, you have been very helpful 8), and any more ideas or suggestions will be very much appreciated :).

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Hi audioguru,

Yes I would like to make a model steam engine eventually ;), and it would be interesting to see how much energy can be recycled using the two, but the steam engine will have to wait until I have made my metal turning lathe, I don't think I would get away with making a steam engine out of timber wire and balloons ;D, precision and strength is important for a steam engine, considering the high pressures involved,  I've already got plenty of opportunities to blow myself up with my hydrogen experiments ;D ;D.

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Hi Dazza,

I think gearing it up will be very hard with the low torque you get at the crank. Another way might be lots of small magnets along the periphery of the flywheel. The flywheel could be a CD Rom disk (I have seen all sorts of things made from these lately) ;D  with the small magnets glued equally spaced and close together for many pulses per revolution. Add to this multiple coils and you have you dynamo. It will at the same time prevent the motor from jerky movement. However, this is just theory and you have to make some tests of curse!  8)

More videos and pictures please!

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