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hi i have some solder and when i make a joint with it it never goes shiny so i got out a bit of flux and dipped my iron in it still no shiny joint i make a joint with my other solder shiny but i'm running out of that solder (time to order some) but any way i can't get that solder to make a good shiny joint i thought it might not have a flux core so i put the flux on like i said eayrler and nope so whats wrong
it came with a set with a cheap iron a soltering gun and some solder and a thing of flux i bought a new gun (not temp controlled need to get one of those ) the cheap iron was broken and the handle gets realy hot so that is why i got a new iron but i know it can't be getting to hot for the solder because i thing the irons were the same wattage

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but one more question what is wrong with 60/40 solder that is what i see most even in electrical shops i'd think as long ans it makes a good joint it would be ok for what i use
ps sorry i didn't read your post closly for pcb work it is generly ok as long as the parts don't move right? i think i've used 60/40 solder my whole life i'm not sure but i've used it alot and it seems fine to me

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