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Help for power supply.

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  I dont understant ... the circuit work very well ... (with fans).

you must add an adjustable current regulator circuit to it.

Yes but , I don't know the circuit.  Can you help me ?.

Hi moutoulos,

Before this circuit was changed (from the original by WA0AUQ), it had a 18Volt transformer and it was intended for a fixed 13.8V output. It would work fine this way!
This is the original:

:o So .... I agree with you, (edit from me),  but you don't answer in my questions,  and this is the point. :-\
I don't have any problem with power supply ... it work two hours every day (test car amplifiers...13V) the last two years.
Well  :'( 0-20A??
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I was worried about the (0 – 30Volts) not the 20A if the circuit stays as the original at 13.8V I can see no big problems with it supplying 20A (with an 18Volts transformer). If I understand you correctly; what you like to have here is an adjustable current regulation 0 to 20A.  If you look at the datasheet for the LM723 you see the pins CL and CS (2 and 3). These are the current limit and the current sense inputs; the formula for the “shunt” resistor are included and is pretty strait forward.
You can forget about the 0 – 30 Volts @ 20A for this circuit (as Audioguru already told you)!

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