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Hi all,

I found a PSU project here: http://www.qsl.net/yo5ofh/projects/ham%20radio%20projects.htm
The 13.8V 65A project link shows the circuit. And I was wondering if you can pull 13.8V @ 65A form an 18V 45A transformer? And if so how to dispose of >750 W of heat generated in the five TIP 26C that are used?
Is there something wrong here or is it just me?

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Thanks for your inputs guys!
I will tell my friend it’s a joke like I suspected and he must look for another project. His uncle is a HAM guy and wanted at least 50A so first I told him to get a car battery and a small charger but he didn’t like to have acid in his house. Perhaps it is cheaper to buy a ready built PSU since a transformer this size is very expensive. :-\

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