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I have a question about inductors. Inductance is the same thing as Field Intensity right? They are both measured in Henries. So then why does one formula for figuring out the field intensity rely on the current put through the coil and one doesn't??

Heres one formula : L = ((Number of Turns)

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well.. uhmm.. i'm not really an expert or nothing closer to that rank.. but i'll give a little explanation the way I see it..

faceplant, you are wondering why there are two formulas differently written apart from the other when they just yield to the same result.. uhmm.. i guess, it's simply because is problem solving, there are different elements/values given in determining the unknown.. it's like one problem gives the values for the current, number of turns, and length without mentioning anything about permeability and area.. so in this situation, naturally, we will use the formula most convenient to solve for inductance.. do you get what i mean?

i'm sorry, if i misunderstood what you are trying to say here and if my explanation is a bit or totally off-track.. i'm not that good and i still have a hang-over and sleepless..

Staigen! anybody! HELP!!  ;D was i correct?  ???

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Staigen! anybody! HELP

Who? Me? I dont remember, i was in the elctronics scool at 1963-1965!
But i have a feeling that the first one looks like the formula for inductance,
but i'm not sure.
Is the second one the formula for inductance? Isn't it for something else?
But i'm not sure here either.
When i construct coils i use nomograms and programs.

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Got it from this awesome tutorial...But I think I solved my problem while you guys were rambling on about misplaced posts  ::)  hahahahah

I misread the symbol H as meaning henries, where it is actually the symbol for magnetic field intensity, just like L is to inductance. Magnetic field intensity is measured in amp-turns per metre, which makes sense judging from that formula. The first one I noted in my first post was correct though, the one which took into account permeability and area and all that

The second formula should be like this : H = amperes x turns / meters

Thanks for the help though guys, without this forum I'd be lost in electronics hahah

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