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Has anybody heard from Staigen?


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I'm getting quite concerned about him as he said he was ill when we got talking one time. His real name is Stig Andersson but I think the Stig part is short for something or other.

I have his address if you want it, let me know and I'll send it via your email address. I would look him up myself but I live in the Philippines.



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Hi again Bob!

His name is Stig and I did send the letter to his home adress I got his adress for long time ago because I was supposed to send him some junk :)
As I said I've tried to search for his phone number but with no success, couldn't find a name that matched his in same area, maybe I should try to find someone in his vicinity just to ask if he is ok.
Yes I know that he wasn't ok but last time I spoked to him he said that he was getting better, hopefully it's just because his computer crashed.

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am concerned too.. his Hotmail is no longer active since they have a policy about deactivating an account if the user failed to login for at least a week (i guess)

SM2GXN, had already sent me his postal ad, i'll send him a snail mail, maybe tomorrow..

maybe I should try to find someone in his vicinity just to ask if he is ok.

that would be a very good idea..

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can you please give him my regards and let him know I have sent him the CDs I said I would for helping me out with my washing machine pump problems. (60Hz power with 50Hz pumps  ???)

I sent him: Ghost, Windows 2K Professional, Office XP, and Photoshop V7.01.


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waaaaa!! does Staigen sing? jazz specifically? take a look at this http://www.swedejazz.se/club.html

his name is listed under the Seffle Jazz Club (http://www.sefflejazzclub.com/) with a phone number...

Seffle Jazz Club
Stig Andersson, phone +46 533 157 93 (evening), Granvagen 3, S-661 42 SAFFLE. Concerts at Scandic Hotel, mondays, Thursdays or Fridays 8 times a year and 1-2 summer concerts. Programme is set in May and Oct. No blues or funk.

i know.. i know.. there's probably a hundred people in Sweden with name like that.. but it's only a phone call.. worth to try, right?!
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Hi everybody, i'm feel that i am about 12 to 17 years old again!
I was 60 years old in this week, and got a little present, just a tiny one, it was only an URL, but it make me feel like i'm back in the 60-ies or so. Its an URL to a radiostation that is playing the tunes i were listening in those days(Radio Luxembourg, Radio Nord and so on). Heres the URL:


From this post he made on his sixtieth bday, we can tell that he is quite into music.. does anybody know where seffle jazz club is?  does it even make sense thinking of the possiblity tha Staigen might be act ually performing there? i am finding difficulty translating the page thus i dont know where it is..

has anyone tried the  number posted there? i'd love to try it, but an international call would cost lotsa $$$ which i dnt have.. again, it's +46 533 157 93

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Oh, I know a lot about the Philippines! Many Swedes go there on vacation (not me, at least not yet) and say nice things about it and its friendly people! And I know a few guys living there too… like Rhonn whose birthday (33) is on Tuesday!  ;D 

Yes, SM2GXN how’s it going whit the snail mail??  8)

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No I'm afraid that I have to say no letter in return or any sign  :(
The very last hing he said was that his computer crashed.
We had a conversation on ICQ and at that time he was complaining about his health but a few days later he told me that he was getting better.
I found Staigens phone number!!!!!!!!!!
I just hooked up the phone and I have real good news, Staigen is as healthy as I am :) his computer has crashed as we already know but he haven't had any time to repair but he promised to show up as soon as possible  ;D ;D ;D

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waaaaa!!  :o he is alright?! Curses! i have already made a reservation at the next available flight to sweden! now i have to cancel it! ehehehe ;D :D

Am just glad he is alright! please extend my regards to him if ever you call him again, SM2GXN! Thank GOD he is owkey! nice work, SM2GXN!  :)

Ante, pay me a visit if you'll have a vacation here, ayt!?  8)

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