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I am confirming that site was hacked today due to a security hole. Appropriate measurements taken to avoid future problems. Hacker's ip adress reported for abuse and blacklisted.

Forum attachemnts affected and hope to restore them from backup as soon as possible. Thanks for your understunding.

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Hi all...

Hi Mike,

Many avatars is gone, is this the result of the attack?

The admin of the host has delete all avatars when he/she delets the forum...

To Admin:I will hope you have my IP... hiihihihi you are very Inteligent...
It's was very funny hacking you forum....
Gruss zu alle Leeezters...
Thanke für den Spasss

___/////// TugaRaptor \\\\\\\_____
##### :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) ######
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