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Fixed current power supply 100A DC

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You could rewind the secondary 5Volts (or 3.3V) in a computer PSU to 2Volts (or which voltage you want) and boost the rectifier circuit. You have to arrange a shunt and some feedback to the regulator circuit to obtain a constant current.
There are different ways to do this but these are heavier and more expensive.

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But 1 micro ohm and 100A gives you .1mV. You said you have a mV meter.

Seems like a better meter would be an "easier road", than the cost and trouble of constructing a 100A source (these current levels are not easy to deal with). Contact resistance and wire IR drop come into consideration REALLY FAST!!

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Hello nametc3,

To measure R in uOhm range KELVIN bridge is used. It uses meter movement (as your v-meter) to detect the test resistense arainst a variable known R.

If u plan I-surce V-meter then even the connecting wires can add up to many more u-ohms. Its not practical approach at this level of R.

Search www for more on Kelvin Bridge.

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