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PSU Design for car audio amplifiers using UC2577-ADJ

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Hello Everyone , this is faizanbrohi again to discuss yet another project design . actually it is related to building a Power supply for car audio using a IC UC2577-ADJ and fits the need Perfectly for a 12V battery step up psu.

Main Page : http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/uc2577-adj.html
Datasheet : http://www-s.ti.com/sc/ds/uc2577-adj.pdf
Application Note : http://www-s.ti.com/sc/psheets/slua181/slua181.pdf

The application note discusses a supply for a automotive application but has less voltage specification and less current specification . The absoulute maximum rating is good for my design as i require +55V and -55V @3A or @6A so since this is a single mode supply , We can make two identical units and then joing them serialy like two voltage sources producing +55 and -55V . Sounds Really Good , But SOme Calculation is needed . The Datasheet is very comprehensive in providing the adequate information for each and every thing. THere is only theoratical Calculations THat need to be done .

The Pictures For the Block Diagram are included and the Absoulte Ratings along the Note .



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Hi Faizan,
This is a positive stepup converter. It has the same ground as another one. So it cannot be used serially to get a negative voltage unless the two circuits are completely separate.

In two different cars?? One car would have a positive supply and the other car would have a negative supply. Hee, hee. ;D

That is why high power car amplifiers have a stepup inverter that uses a transformer so its output can be rectified to give positive and negative voltages.

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I think you are right but the problem is that is there any converter capable of Positve to negative voltage conversion having high amperage . or any other distinct method to convert positive to negative

You don't want a converter. You want the power supply circuit to be a high frequency inverter with a transformer, not just a coil. Then a full-wave rectifier at its output provides positive and negative high voltages.
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The OPA548 is a power opamp. If it has a +60V and 0V supply then its output will be from +2V to +58V, it won't be negative. Even if it is connected as an inverting opamp with a gain of one, then with a +2V input its output will be +58V and with a +58V input its output will be +2V.

An opamp doesn't make a supply voltage. It uses a supply voltage that is frequently positive and negative.

To make a high voltage positive and negative supply for your car's high power amplifier, you need a DC to AC inverter circuit (a high power oscillator) with a stepup transformer in it, then it feeds a rectifier to make a positive high voltage and a negative high voltage.

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