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need help with electronics coursework!

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hi all! i'm new to this forum and this is my first post (so be nice) lol. I'm quite new to electronic circuit designing and i am currently studying the subject for GCSE. I am doing a coursework for which i need to design an overheating alarm for a PC. It must be quite simple and needs to involve a 555 timer. I would like a circuit which would oscillate a buzzer when the temperature goes over about 45 degrees celsius. It would be good to have a capacitor, a few resistors, a op amp or transistor/darlington pair in it. Any ideas please...thanx a lot!  ???

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Welcome to the forum!
There is a circuit in the projects section of this site that might get you started, or at least, give you ideas on your own design. You can access the projects on this site with the blue link at the top of the page titled "Projects".
Hope this helps get you started.


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