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Electronic lab kits for learning?


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I am new to the site and am looking forwartd to looking at all the info here.

Has anyone had experience with those electronic lab kits that have "300 projects" or those like it. I am interested in building on a beginning understanding and like the idea of having a practical view of many different circuits without having to build them completely from scratch.

Thanks for your opinions!


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Some of the kit manufacturers post their instructions on the web. The instruction set usually has theory of operation in it. Is this what you are looking for?
Look at http://www.kitsrus.com/kits.html and click on the pdf icon or http://www.electronickits.com/kit/complete/complete.htm and click on the name of the kit, then on the pdf file.


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Another opinion:
They're awful. Better off to just breadboard something from a kit instruction than to use one of these. The springs on these kits are awful. It is easy for a beginner to get discouraged when something does not work, and on one of these, sometimes it is not the beginner's fault. Look for the different block or blox modules that snap together to breadboards. Much better.
This is just my 2 cents, but taken from my experiences teaching High School students electronics, programming and CNC.


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Philips made quite a few kits like this back in the late sixties and early seventies and I thought they worked very well. Philips EE electronic experiment kits, and even a few mechanical kits where produced also good quallity. I have fiddled and had a lot of fun with a few of these kits back in the sixties.
I haven

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I am coming from a beginners perspective. Someone who is learning electronics.

Reading and following the examples, and having many of the components already in place is brilliant. They introduce the use of breadboards, circuit wiring, and general electronics in a safe constructed manner. There

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I considered buying the kit with 300 projects. But when you see what you get, it a fancy breadboard with very few electronic components I opted for choosing a project from the web I just completed my first project an electronic stethescope "with a lot of help from Audioguru" Thanks. Audio. Any way I learned a lot from it and its fun when you finaly get the kinks out. I think making something you actualy want is more fun than just doing small projects in a kit and then dismantling it.  Any way thats my take on this subject

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