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hello guys

well i am planning to make a security system for an industry.
In this i want to include human voice detector.
well i have planned that but want the ckt.
To start with First of all voice will be converted into electrical signals through MIC
Then that signal will be matces with our stored signal in the MICROCONTROLLER
if both voice matches then the door opens

plz plz help me bcoz i know u guys are really genious

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Once,i found a chip on the internet for voice recognition.It was about $100 .
I do not quite remember.I will still check if i can get the chip.If not , you will need to write software for the voice recognition.I have some document also on it but its in french.
AS i said,i will still look for the chip for you.

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There was a small IC I saw years ago that would do exactly what you want. It's all in the chip. You do have to train it, but there is a secure and non-secure mode that uses the recognition threshold. It was something I was going to use to turn lights on and off as part of a home automation system. I did a web search and found something interesting from Phillips called the Hello IC. Give it a look see.

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