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need a program to simulate in electronics


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Dear AN920, I do not find the right words to express to you my deepest thanks and respect. thank you very much.
(1)The transformer Comprising L1, L2 and L3 have DOT at the bottom of each coil.
  I remember I studied something of this kind before, but now I forgot its purpose, can u please tell me, and what happen if we reverse one of them?
(2)I see a command line: K1 L1 L2 L31, i know K1 is the mutual inductance and      L31 is the inductance affect L3 due to current pass through L1. but how to write this command and how to choose those values? 

NOTE: There is a small problem in the program which is the nodes numbers that appear in the graph didnot shown in the circuit, and one can't know some graph belong any node. 

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I am not an expert with this program as I hardly ever use it. I find the user interface too clumsy and drawing large schematics a pain. There should be some option to display the node numbers on the diagram. You can go "view spice netlist" as another option.

The dots indicate the phasing of the coupled inductors.

From help file

K. Mutual Inductance

Symbol Names: None, this is placed as text on the schematic.

Syntax: Kxxx L1 L2 [L3 ...] <coefficient>

L1 and L2 are the names of inductors in the circuit. The mutual coupling coefficient must be in the range of -1 to 1.

The line

K1 L1 L2 L3 L4 1.

is synonymous with the six lines

K1 L1 L2 1.

K2 L2 L3 1.

K3 L3 L4 1.

K4 L1 L3 1.

K5 L2 L4 1.

K6 L1 L4 1.

It is recommended to start with a mutual coupling coefficient equal to 1. This will eliminate leakage inductance that can ring at extremely high frequencies if damping is not supplied and slow the simulation. However, a mutual inductance value of -1 or 1 can lead to simulation difficulties if the uic directive is flagged on the .tran card.
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