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I need some program that it draws PCB circuits...

plz help me..

I can't find anything that I want! :(


The programs won't generally draw PCBs-- we the humans use the program to help drawing the PCB layouts. Even auto routing will disappoint unless the components are intelligently placed.

as a beginner you may find it hard-- it was hard to take food even unless parents taught us-- put little more interest and you would enjoy-- also try  PCB123 software- it is free download - you may google for it. and the firm will be happily giving you finished boards if you forward the layout to them at some nominal price.

All the best

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Hi Master_Ianick

There is also another program called stripboard magic that you might like to look at. It  can be downloaded from the internet and it too is free   :)

Thanks to Ante
You can download SBM from here: http://web.onetel.net.uk/~stuorguk/StripboardMagic.zip

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