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Commodore 64 repairing gone forgotten?


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What's wrong with people? Now i have been repairing those good old computers because seems like anyone else can't do that here in Finland... What if those original logic IC's aren't available anymore? Always there's a substitute. Well, PLA IC's might be hard to find, but almost all the others can be found. Is there anything same-like problem anywhere else?

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The 1MHz CPU addressed to the C64 fell off the edge of the World awhile back...  :o

Today, the only use for the C64 & C128 is noted as a vintage collectable.
Although, i must admit for gaming purpose the package aesthetics along with the finite code practiced was optimum.
Software engineering today abuses the fast CPU because the programming they create is very sloppy!

C64 software was pure assembly language ~ (similar with today's VVM); very fast and accurate!
Even the basic emulator used with the C64 (Peek - Poke) was presented in a fast format.
Sadly, their are a few limitations when using assembly that for the most part can only be used in a focused application.
The "Sprite" command was very useful in the past (C64) but with the variety of colours we are use to today the latter function is simply resolved into the primary band etc...

Zombie, you are one of the very few that can keep the fabric of the C64 alive, similar to the great people that have the desire to uphold the old HERO (Heath Robot).
I admire your dedication, the latter will allow the younger community to see first hand where the (somewhat) beginning elements occured!
I myself design and engineer Tube amplifiers for the very same reason.  ;)

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I was very happy when my parents got me my first computer. It was a Sharp MZ-80A! Still have it.

I would spend many hours on this thing, sometimes programming right through the night. I wrote my very first chess program on this. Took months, but learned a lot about peeking and poking and machine level instructions!

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I must admit i tend to avoid a big confrontation when silicon is concerned...
When i received my degree the class was just starting to delve into transistor theory.  :o
Within the University i continued to attend, advancing my degree during the evening curriculum but as everyone is aware the evening program is sort of loose. :-X
When i view the mental focus of AN920 i get a smile, she is very precise; how i was when learning the fleming valve but without all the simulators.
Oddly, during the fleming heyday (Rf) i considered a smith chart a type of simulator! ;D

Today, with all the mini surface mount technology i am a little lost to say the least.  :-\
However, i am from a far different era where one could hold the actual part and clearly read a part number etc...

My time with electronics was very enjoyable and i still find interest in designing and engineering musical tube amplifiers, primarily push-pull.

The odd, young character/avatar is a pseudo comparison i found humorous!  ;)
Plus, i attend Mass on a regular basis, i have found that the latter is more important than anything else; my opinion.  :)

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I used to have a Quad tube amp that sounded great.

I liked the Quad electrostatic speakers in the "good old days". I shopped for speakers that sounded almost the same and selected less expensive Acoustic Reasearch speakers.
Then all the speakers I made are adjusted to also sound similar.
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