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New to electronics hobbiest needs help finding obsolete parts as my supliers cannot handle some parts. parts needed are in small quanties only.
1. MN3001 @ 2 pieces.  2. MK5025ON  @ 1 piece.  3. BC184L @ 6 pieces  4. BC214L
These parts are just a start as there are others for projects.

Don't post you email, it defeats the object of the forum and only attracts spam.

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Please post a schematic.

The transistors look fairly generic and easy to substitute. I think MK5025ON is a mistake, you probably mean the MK50250N, yes it's easier to get zero confused with the letter O. I hazard a guess the project is an old design and there are more cost effective alternatives such a micontorller.

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;D kbyrne the MK5025ON is a ic the rest of the parts are transistors and I have a hard time  with BC & BD numbers as to finding them except a NTE replacement number. My question is an a strictly Class A Amplifier will a NTE brand transistor work out for a BD
transistor or a BC transistor as long as the legs are accounted for.

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BCxxx and BDxxx transistors are European. I live in North America so I buy 2Nxxxx transistors.
Datasheets are available from many online sites but I get mine from wwww.datasheetarchive.com where I can select which manufacturer.

NTE simply buy transistors, add their part number and increase the price. Their datasheets are missing many important details because their transistors are used as replacements, not for new designs.

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To your question what does the MK50250N do In the book Integrated Circuit Projects
By Carl J. Bergquist there is a circuit for a alarm clock with all parts plus a speaker. The part in question does most of the work and drives a hex driver plus two quad segement drivers which drives the 7 segement dislay. Any ideas as to where to purchase or where to post the quere is appreciated plus data sheet. tanks kbyrne

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