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What's happened to all the posts since 24 February?


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Unfortunately, the forum conversion was not exact. Some posts, members and attachments where not converted properly and we couldn't do something to improve this. However, i can setup the old forum and you can copy some posts from there if you like. Just tell me.

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There have been no posts now for over a week, apart from this thread. The forum has died, since the upgrade.

The new software may be more secure but it's no good if half of the old forum content is gone, along with the members.

The new software, also seems to be less easy to use and lacks features or they're hidden. Where is the quote button? How about the smilies and fonts? What about the preview button to check ones reply, before submitting it?

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"The forum was dead before the upgrade."
It wasn't as dead as it is now. On average there was about 10 to 20 posts per week until you killed it.

"I hope with the upgrade will motivate more users to participate."
So far that hasn't happened. Apart from this thread, only a few posts in another thread over the last two weeks.

I suppose it's your site so you can do with it what you like and if you want it to die then so be it.

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