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I followed instructions in Google how to clear the browser cache and clear temp files. I rebooted. I needed to log in here but I still do not see a box to allow me to make an attachment.

Hero and you use an older Windows 7 operating system. I use newer Wndows 8.1 Pro.

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I set my Avatar photo but I still do not have a box allowing me to attach anything. I will check my clock here since it it 9:53AM where I am.

Let me see the time here.


The clock does not show on my post, it might show later


Did you upload your avatar from your hard drive or somewhere else on the Internet?

Usually I'd advise you install all the relevant updates for your browser and operating system but I'm able to post attachments from my work's PC which is running an old version of Firefox.

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In my profile I see the box allowing me to upload my Avatar from my hard drive. But in a forum reply here I do not see a box allowing me to make an attachment.

My pc automatically gets all the latest updates from Microsoft.

My browser had its "popup blocker" turned on, I turned it off now and I will try another reply in a minute.

With the 'popup blocker' in my browser turned off, I still do not see a box in my reply allowing me to make an attachment.

A minute ago I made this same reply and clicked on Submit Reply. Then it said "Saving" forever but never saved it so here it is again.

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I am sorry to see that the problem didn't go away with the upgrade to Windows 10. So I now suspect that something else is blocking the button to appear on your pc. Do you use any special plugins on your browser, like ad blockers etc? Also, have you tried to deactivate your antivirus temporary?

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This time I changed Windows 10 to Internet Explorer mode then I needed to log in here again. I still do not see the button for attachments.

I also looked at Internet Explorer addons and millions of advanced settings but I did not see a javascript plugin.

I do not know how to turn off my AVG Free anti-virus program.  

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The browser called EDGE in Windows 10 does not support plugins so I installed Java on Internet Explorer that I am now using.

I still do not have a button for attachments. Anti-virus is turned on.

I added Java, re-booted then checked that Java is active. I changed from Browser Edge to browser Internet Explorer (a nuisance) so that Java is running. I disabled AVG anti-virus and I STILL CANNOT ATTACH  ANYTHING. Is there anything else I can do? Other electronics forums work perfectly.

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Using the EDGE browser on Windows 10 when I clicked on "reply" it filled in the text I already posted a week or two ago.


When I changed the browser to Internet Explorer then I needed to log in (again) and go through a few pages to find this thread.

I will try to post an attachment, but I can't since the box that I must click on is not showing and when I hover my mouse pointer over where the box should be then nothing happens. 

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