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I hope this is the correct area, but I am looking for sources of bulk component supplies. The only one's that I know of are Digikey, Mouser and Jameco, 2 of the 3 of them have what I need but WAAAAAY too much, plus I don't need 250 or 400 or esp 800 count orders...... I need Blue 0.4" AlphaNumeric leds SMD or PTH don't matter, white would also work by just using a blue filter. Is there other sources of components. Radio Shack isn't even an option. Another requirement IS however a reliable source of them. I need multiples of 10 singles or 5 doubles, just as long as I have 10 digits. What I really need is 0.4" Alphanumeric Vaccume Flor Disp, but those are waaaaaay LOOOONG gone. For what I am doing blue is pretty much needed, green, which seams to be the only one I can get singles of, isn't the right color, nor would show behind a blue filter anyhow. Any suggestions on suppliers or sources of the leds I need?


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A local trustworthy electronics parts distributor sells good reliable parts. Some are made in China. The reliable parts are not bought on ebay by the trustworthy distributor.

There are entire Chinese cities that make only fake electronic parts or they are factory rejects that are sold on ebay.  

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here you can find the electronic parts you want,newark and arrow can supply,but their quantity is large

On 3/10/2017 at 8:54 AM, audioguru said:

How do you know which ebay Chinese part is a fake and which one is real and good that will work?

 I think find a distributor is good idea,they can promise the quality

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