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spam prevention?


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Why don't you all use the spam prevention tools?


On my forum one must answer a question that any kayak or canoe paddler would know to register. Got read of the damn Russians!


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Something like what is the:  "unit of capacitance"a five letter word". It is only a slight inconvenience at most for real people plus they only have to do it once.

I set up a forum earlier this year and asked the local padding group if they wanted to use it but they decline. I did not do anything with it for a few months until I got an error message via an email. When I looked at it I had 6800 members, 90% were Russian. As I could only delete 30 members at a time it took awhile to get rid of them. 

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If you open the register page and right click on the page and select "view page source" you see the html code that makes that page. If you search on that code for: "form_q_and_a" you will find the block of code that renders that area on the page.(in firefox search by ctrl+ f) and that contains your question. If one is comfortable with working with files on the server one can find the file that contains the "form_q_and_a" string. then download it to your pc and replace the text string with an image ( jpg or png file ) of the text in mixed colors and fonts.

If you don't have the tools to create such a file I do. You may not see you  text string  in that file as  it maybe added in at run time.

In my first forum I got to the point that I would register members via an email request myself; they where not allowed to do so. I used their requested user name and assigned them temp.password and that works well if you do not have many request per day. It beats having to clean up the forum everyday.



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On my forum if you replace http: and keto one can at least alert guests not to click on the links and that may help. At least it is  not difficult to implement.

from my forum (note spaces around SPAM and SPAMMER - helps  them stand out):

Put the word to be censored on the left, and what to change it to on the right.

http:  =>  SPAM

given:  http://www.badguy.com =>  SPAM //www.badguy.com
           this is keto crap     =>  this is  SPAMMER  crap

Members posting url's in a post would learn to use the short version without the http: www.rcgroups.com


Is spam the correct word or does that only apply to emails?


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