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HELP with Schematics for magnet launcher


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I am recreating the induction launcher in this YouTube vid: 

I have all of the parts:
2 tranformers
4 resistors
bridge rectifier
4 capacitors
Electromagnet coil

I don't know how to read the schematics - HOW do I connect all of the parts and where for each? 

Get back to me so we can talk about it. 




transformers over schematic.png


Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 12.40.36 PM.png

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To start with those capacitors are 4700 microfarads (not 4.7) at 400 volts, not cheap. The resistors are 50 watt resistors.

I would think the yellow leads on your transformers are taps, here unused. If you connect two of the output black wires together and measure the voltage across the other two you should get 220 volts rms. If not select a different wire for one of then. You must have at least a   inexpensive multi-meter to work with.

Beware these are high voltages and those large capacitors hold enough current to do you in!

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